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How Much Do You Know About Servo Voltage Stabilizers
A minor fluctuation in voltage can cause an electronic equipment to malfunction or break down. In order to avoid this, stabilizers have been invented which maintain accurate output and save expensive electrical appliances from damage caused by power alterations at homes, offices, cement plants, flour mills, engineering units, and various other places.
Servo Voltage Stabilizers (SVS) are generally a 3-phase, distortion-free, automatic controllers which control fluctuations in the input voltage and provide constant output with +/- 0.5% accuracy. These automatic controllers are available in capacities of 5 KVA upto 2500 KVA to suit the input voltage variations & requirements of individual customers. Voltage Stabilizers contain electronic or electromechanical components to regulate one or more AC or DC.
SVS stabilize DC voltages in different electronic appliances and gadgets, thus protecting these from harm caused by voltage surges. Known for their hassle free and consistent performance, these also help in reducing MDI and save power to a great extent.
SVS ensures that the level of voltage supplied to a specific equipment or area is maintained at a constant level. These stabilizers adjust for variations in current and deliver a consistent voltage level to the equipment or the area. The main purpose of Servo Voltage Stabilizers is to maintain the voltage in a circuit at a desired value in order to protect electrical appliances or components of an electric circuit from damage due to power fluctuations.
Different stabilizers are used for different appliances depending upon their specifications and usages which are available for Refrigerators, LCD TVs, LED TVs, Washing Machines, Music Systems, Air Conditioners, Computers and many such electronic appliances. Some of the outstanding features of Servo Voltage Stabilizer are in-buit isolation transformer, audio-visual alarms, bypass mechanism, additional metering, voltage cut-off, trips for abnormalities, single phase prevention, overload protection, surge suppression, time delay mechanism and soft start.
Used Clubs, Hotels, Commercial Buildings & Multiplexes and Residential segment, Servo Voltage Stabilizers are highly efficient and maintain constant voltage output even if the load current varies. These stabilizers are also capable to balance the output voltage in the case of unbalanced input. Servo Voltage Stabilizers offer unparalleled performance and guarantees 100% safety of different appliances. The stabilizers offer reliable, noiseless and vibration free operation and have a long functional life. Further, these are user-friendly, easy to install, simple to use and require negligible maintenance.
•Highly efficient
•Energy saving
•Balanced output, irrespective of input unbalance
•Constant output, despite load current variations
•Steady, quick and accurate correction of voltage
•Reducing heating of equipment and increasing their service life
Application areas:
•Communication & Broadcasting Industry
•Printing & Packaging Industries
•Pharmaceutical units
•Railway and Defense Sector
•Cold storage
•Rolling Mills
•Paper and Textiles Mills
•Rubber Industries
•Research Stations
•Food & Beverages Plants
•Hospitals and Nursing Homes

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